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WordPress plugin to take donations through Authorize.Net?

This question came in through Twitter today.


Anyone know of a WordPress plugin to take donations through Authorize.Net and not Pay Pal? #WordPress


I've looked at the wordpress forums and there is definitely need for a plugin like this.


I need one to set up a donation page for a charity that wants to use to accept donations via credit cards and e-check.


There is also a need to be able to check "recurring" and pick a date for the recurring donation.


If a plugin like this is discovered I definitely want one!




I wrote a wordpress plugin that does exactly that:


In fact, is using it to take donations on their website.




I think your plugin doesn't work with e-check though.


Or does it?


Two other questions:


Can the donor pick a date for automatic withdrawals or does the date have to be the current date?


Is their a confirmation page after entering donation amount and cc / check info, etc.?  Where the donor can click "confirm" or "change?"



You're right that it doesn't work with e-check right now, although that's a good feature idea.


All dates are keyed of the transaction date.


There's a checkout page where they provide their details, including address, cc, etc.

Let me know if you add the e-check feature.  If I haven't found a different solution by then I will certainly consider your plugin.



Any hope that you will set up to use eChecks in additon to credit cards on that plugin?


I just opened my account and my need is now immediate.  :-)

we just released a plugin that will also accept eChecks - we had to do it for a client and thought we'd publish it more widely as well. see it at


 It's not GPL at the moment (hence no listing in the WP dir) but we're working out the remuneration/GPL issues as we speak.



Dang!  I would have used that before if it had been available!


Will it work with Bluehost?  How do I contact you?

Hi thirstyjon -

I have not tested it with bluehost but there's no reason it shouldn't (though I do know BH has some peculiar configs with their shared hosting).  You can visit our site at the URL I posted above and contact us there through the contact form or email us at