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accept.js with UI not verifying zip

I am currently using accept.js with my own form with php. AVS works as expected. I'm wanting to switch to using the UI from for increased compliance. However, no matter what settings I use for 'data-billingAddressOptions' in UI form, the zip is not getting checked. The street address is though. Ideas?




Just to clearify When you say "zip is not getting checked"

  • You mean Zip is not checked for correct valuse before submitting the form?


  • You mean it gives you token without running AVS check ?


Currently you can pass any value in zip field and it will not be checked in form and will give you back the token as in Accept.js.


After that flow is same  as acceptjs for creating a transact request with createTransactionRequest and AVS check will run at transaction time.


I hope it will help, Let us know if you have more questions.






Authorize.Net Developer Authorize.Net Developer
Authorize.Net Developer

It is not checking it after I get back the token and submit it the same as I would as if I used my own form. It is checking the street address though.


When I do it using my own form, everything works as expected. I have tried using the hosted ui with and without the zip being filled in and get the same result. It seems to ignore the zip once I submit info for actual charge.