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anet_java_sdk maven clean package test failures

I'm attempting to run a maven build on anet_java_sdk 3.1 that I've downloaded from the site.


I've managed to resolve the majority of test failures given right out of the box by following the README contained in the downloaded zip, however, There are still seven tests that are failiing.


net.authorize.sim.FingerprintTest supplies a variable x_MD5_Hash with value CCF694F4A97B54462CE6329BEF6B0901 as the actual value to Assert.assertEquals(md5Check, x_MD5_Hash) on line 56 of testMD5HashVerification.


I've supplied a value in the the md5.hash.key file, and have tried entering BOTH the literal value (md5.hash.key=literal_value) AND the computed md5sum value of this key into my sandbox setting's md5 hash, as well as a number of other attempts to get this test to succeed, but it's not until I haphazardly change the variable's value to the value that's expected during the assertion that I get the test to succeed.


I realize that using the expected value during the test as the actual value is a no-no, but I've been fiddling with this for some time now and am simply trying to get the tests to green - but I would like to get them pure green, not a green poluted with dirty shantix. It appears as though the values being passed into the assertion for expected and actual values should be flipped. As a side note, are we not expecting the value of x_MD5_Hash, with the actual value being what's stored in the string md5Check??


The remaining six tests that are failing consist of three tests in net.authorize.reporting.functional_test.ReportingTest, of which the assertions that fail expect at least one object returned when calling "getSettledBatchListRequestLive" or a variation there of (i.e. WithTimeLive, or getTransactionalListRequestLive ) - and the final three in net.authorize.aim.cardpresent..functional_test.SimpleAuthCaptureTest, each of which are failing due to transaction not being approved.


I'm using sandbox api login credentials, and the sandbox is in LIVE mode!


I would assume that because Im in live mode the functional tests would not fail.


Any input would be much appreciated.


Accepted Solutions

Build success.


FingerprintTest resolution is still somewhat of a concern....

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So, the issue I was having with the tests that call "getSettledBatchListRequestLive" have resolved themselves. It was simply a matter of waiting for the sandbox to batch settle the test transactions that were delivered via the tests the night before. I suppose this could have also been resolved by changing the batch processing time setting in the merchant interface to a short period after the tests were run.


There are three remaining test failures, all coming from the functional tests in SimpleAuthCaptureTest...




Build success.


FingerprintTest resolution is still somewhat of a concern....