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cURL funtion in PHP. No cURL response



You are my last hope in making this work.  I tried everything.  I'm not a programmer, but have hired a programmer.  I have an ecommerce website that is developed using CreLoaded which is part of the OsCommerce family.  I have a programmer that completed the site, and when we select a product in the front end, and checkout, it looks like the order gets processed in the front end because it says that order went through, BUT nothing is going to when I call the gateway people at, they are not receiving anything at all. 


I spoke to the people at, and they are telling me that they are not receiving anything from us, and that the problem is probably with the scripting on the website or the BlueHost Hosting/Server company.  When I called support at Bluehost, they checked to make sure that the PORT 443 was open at the request of, and I also spoke to the upper technical department also who did a telnet test and everything from Bluehost seems to be correct.  My programmer also had some questions about the cURL path, and hosting company confirmed that it was /usr/bin/curl as my programmer has it set from the website, and hosting company also confirmed that the cURL was set up and running well, and also that it was compiled in PHP which my programmer was asking to verify and make sure.  My programmer is saying that everything seems to be correctly set up in the CreLoaded module in the administration.


So at this point my Gateway ( is saying they don't know what to do, and the hosting company Bluehost has done I believe all they can do, and my programmer is also telling me that he has done all he can do.  My programmer told me today "I'm not getting a cURL responce", and he provided the information below that I was hoping somebody could look at it and see if a suggestion or any advice could be made to my programmer.  I would appreciate the effort because I don't know what else to do.  Thank you for your effort and please read below what was given to me by my programmer:


This is the script that I think needs fixing (as per programmer):


$ch = curl_init();

    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL,$url);




It is the curl function in php

I'm not getting any response


$authorize = curl_exec($ch);



i have debuger mode on, and I see the following:




:Response String :   Blank



it is not problem

it might be a server problem

I'm not getting a cURL response


The only recommendation I can think to make is to make sure that your developer has looked into curl_error. Every indication is that no connection is actually being established, but you have already checked the most likely causes for that. The only thing left is to start debugging curl and seeing if it can connect to anything at all from your server.

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