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client Transaction Details missing line item breakout

invoice line items are not appearing in my client's Transaction Details report. I am including them in the submission and the response includes them back. Are there flags or special syntax necessary to have them included in the Transaction Details screen (other details like invoice total, payee name and address, type of card etc are being shown). I am submitting them as (i.e. excerpt from successful submission):

&x line item=item2<|>membership_payment_fund_relief<|><|><|><|>1<|><|>5.00<|>
Should the line items be sent differently? Any suggestions?

The transaction details API( returns the line items if it is present in the original transaction. What is the transaction details report that you are talking about?

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Authorize.Net Developer

The Transaction Details report of a transaction is provided by in their online account interface for users (each vendor can see the status of their account and all recorded transactions). I am getting the line items sent back with the response but my client wants to see the line items represented in the Transaction Details screen (it is no problem to show it as a report from their  database but they want it in's account screen). It probably should show up in the 'Order Information' field of the Transaction Details screen.


There is a link "Show Itemized Order Information" in the Transaction details screen. The line items will be shown when you click there.




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Authorize.Net Developer

Thanks, that's helpful... I'll pass that on to my client.