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creating a subscription from existing transaction

I'm using the SIM API and i made test transaction. It went through successfuly and i see that i can create a subscription from that transaciton. It pulls up the credit card number as "XXXX0012" and the exp date "XXXX". I left those values in their respective fields and created a subscription from that transaction without entering the full card number and exp date.


Is that how it works in production/live mode? or is the full card number and exp date required to be inputted to create a subscription from an existing transaction?


Hello dadmssg,

Yes, the behavior for generating a subscription from a successful payment is the same in our sandbox and production systems.  For security reasons, Authorize.Net will not display the full card number and expiration date on the form, so the redacted values are shown as placeholders.  As long as you do not edit these two fields, then the full card number and expiration date will be transferred from the original transaction.




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