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duplicate window limit on Prior Authorization Capture

Hi there,


I would just like to know if the duplicate transaction limit affects prior authorization captures.


We are modifying our current setup to switch from sending an "AUTH_CAPTURE" request via DPM to sending an "AUTH_ONLY" request via DPM and then in our Relay Response page we will perform a CaptureRequest to capture the funds and perform the necessary business functions.  This allows us to capture funds and peform our business logic in one atomic transaction.


Can you please confirm whether or not the "duplicate window" setting applies in this scenario.  i.e. can I submit an "AUTH_ONLY" request and then immediately capture the funds without waiting the default 2 minutes or will I need to set this to 0 in my initial request?


Thank you,



That is different, as it is for creating a new transaction.

You would be sending a transactionID with the PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE for a existing transaction.


ok, I see.


I had tested this new implementation in our Dev environment and it worked perfect but last night when I deployed to production the same code failed.  The AUTH_ONLY requests were submitted but the relay page was failing.  Of course the logging wasn't set up right so I couldn't see what was going on but I thought maybe it was failing because the capture was getting viewed as a duplicate transaction.


I have fixed the logging and will just have to push it out to production and try again I guess so I can see what is actually going on.  Was hoping I could figure out what the issue was before having to redeploy though but guess I'm not that lucky.


var priorAuthCapture = new CaptureRequest(sr.Amount, sr.TransactionID, sr.AuthorizationCode);
var response = gateway.Send(priorAuthCapture);
if (response.Approved)
    //do business logic

This is in our Relay page so it happens almost instantly after the initial authorization request is submitted.  From what I can tell response.Approved was coming back false.  I was not getting an exception, it was just not doing any of the business logic in the "Approved" block.


Anyway, unless you see any glaring errors in my code above I'll just try again off-hours and actually capture the response message this time.




Anyway, thanks for the quick response,



relay response error usually is an access issue with the url.


Relay Response Basics and Troubleshooting


If you think it is not getting approved, check the response code/ response reason code to see why it is not approved.


Thank you for your response.  What it ended up being was that by default the gateway is set to be in Test Mode, which explains why it worked fine in our development environment and failed once I pushed it to production.  The fix was to manually set the Test Mode value via a web.config setting so we can set it to True in our testing environments and False when we deploy to production.


gateway.TestMode =


response = gateway.Send(credit)