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eCheck Processing

Is there anyway to check programtically if an echeck has been fully processed (cleared with sufficient funds). I want to make sure the transaction has completely cleared before moving on, and the only way I can see is looking at the echeck settlement report and manually updating my transaction record to approved or denied.. I'd like to be able to pass a transaction_id to periodically to check the status of an echeck...Is there anything like that?


The Transaction Details API has functions for getting settled batches inside a date range, for getting a list of transactions for each batch, and for getting transaction details for each transaction (including settled amount). Just run an automated routine every so often.


I was thinking this was possible as well. However I've run a response.public_methods, and I'm not seeing the methods for getting transaction_id's out of get_settled_batch_list or the settled_amount method for get_transaction_details. perhaps it's the SDK..   or perhaps because im in :gateway => sandbox ?

Not experience with ruby but the seq is GetSettledBatchList then GetTransactionList with the batchID and then GetTransactionDetails with the transactionID.