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eCheck transaction events

We are developing integration that can accept ACH payment method. 


Once a transaction is submitted, are there any webhook events that can notify that:


1. The ACH network has successfully charged the customer bank account OR

2. The ACH network has returned or charged back the transaction. 


If there is no webhook event, is there any API endpoint that could convey the above information using the Transaction Id. 





Hello @vinay,


Yes, eCheck transactions have the same response format & behavior as credit cards, with minor eCheck related differences in the fields returned.

Webhooks related payments apply to eChecks. There are no webhooks that are specific to eChecks.


The sandbox has support for testing eChecks.

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Thanks for your response @NexusSoftware 


But my question was more specific around getting notified if a ECheck payment has failed or succeeded since they are not processed in real time like credit cards. 


For instance, if the transaction gets 'returned' due to insufficient balance, how can we find that? Is there a webhook notification or  API that tells us that.