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from where to read the 97 error reason code??

When i run my code i get an error like "(99) This transaction cannot be accepted" which is since transaction id is invalid. But i cannot read this anywhere in my application in order to customize my error message to state the exact reason that is the Transaction id is invalid.

Can any one say how to read error responses???


A lot of the errors don't return verbose error text, meaning the text they do give isn't particularly helpful. Lots of people have asked about this, and I'm surprised there isn't an error codes API of some sort by now, but I've decided to just scarf up all the text from the Response Reason Code Tool (I just finished running all 319 codes with a script) and turn them into a PHP class people can use. For anyone using other languages - sorry, you'll just have to adapt.


Back with a link in a few hours.



Should be fairly straightforward to use. Just download and rename to .php. This is a compilation of the error code info here:


And all the responses from here:


When there were multiple choices, I went with what looked like the best option for simple, and defaulted to the response reason code tool for verbose. The result is not necessarily perfect, since the source data is obviously not perfect either, but it's better than what you have now.