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I am part of a development team and are about to take on an e-shop project, that allows user to save their cred card info. The project is made up of an iOS app and a website, the client's emphasis being on the iOS app. So, the solution we found was to use CIM. No problem on the website, surprise for the iOS.


Is there any reason as to why the official iOS SDK does not implement CIM? The Android SDK does, so are there any issues for iOS?

Furthermore, would this be something an iOS developer can implement into an application? I am a web developer, but I am assuming here that since a SOAP is defined, it would be possible. Also found this:


If CIM would not be a viable solution, what would be a viable solution to allow the customer to save his credit card info? (We really don't want to store it locally on the phone - not to mention it should synchronize with the web server).


Thank you for the replies.



If it's implemented for Android, then I'm guessing there's no legal or safety reason for not having it in iOS. Yes, I'm sure you can implement directly in XML or SOAP if you're willing to take the time - or you can use a web intermediary, and just pass from your phone to there and from there to and then back again. The PHP API does everything, and it'll save you some time not having to reinvent the wheel. Only downside is that's one more link in the chain that could fail, you would definitely want to make sure the hosting is reliable.