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no data in x_SHA2_Hash when using Silent Post

I've created a Signature Key but there is no data in x_SHA2_Hash when using Silent Post.


What is required to get the x_SHA2_Hash field to be populated?


Were you able to figure this out? I'm experiencing the same issue, and support was unable to help with this.


I'm having a very similar issue (different API) here:


So far, no useful response.

I too am trying to test using sandbox silent post and am finding that field empty.  To add to the fun the md5 process we've used for decades doesn't match the sandbox's returned X_MD5_HASH value either.  

Hello @MinneSnowtain @desiminr61 @gh 


What type of transaction are you submitting that is not returning an SHA2 hash in the response?





I'm requesting a silent post from sandbox back to our testing site. (signed into sandbox account>Account>Under 'Transaction Format Settings'>Silent Post URL>entered a url to our site

Hello @MinneSnowtain 


Thanks for the reply.  Which API specifically are you calling to create a transaction?  We would like to duplicate if possible so as much detail as possible is appreciated.





no api, just post data to and after processing payment it is suppose to silent post back to us so we can record the payment results. (and that post url has been changed to for sandbox testing)



It appears you're using our older AIM method.  Could you provide a sample transaction request with any sensitive information removed?  Please also include your sandbox API Login but not your transaction key.





Absolutely but why?  Can't you guys just populate that returned field with the correct hashed string instead of leaving it empty?  or fix the X_MD5_HASH returned value.