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relay_response not working

I have a test account and am trying to use the relay_response feature. It works with my production account. I consistently get the message that the transaction was successful, but there was a problem with my web site. I've tried using my real URL and


Is there somewhere in the UI I can authorize an URL for my test account?




Your integration experience has been exactly like mine.. I try to use aspx pages, but no matter what I try, I get that same dreaded error page. Then I try the sample asp page and it works fine.. until I try a call to the database. Very frustrating.. I really don't want to have to to use classic asp. If anyone could post a sample aspx page for the x_relay_url page, that would be great. I am about convinced that for some reason aspx pages just don't work here.


Would someone who has implemented an aspx receipt page please post some code?? Or, has anyone used a classic asp page with a db call?




This post is for all you developers who keep getting the timeout error like I was. After many frustrating hours of testing I found out that even though I could run the receipt.aspx page just fine if I went straight to it, if I created my own test page that did a form post to my receipt page, I saw an server error. After a quick Google search I added the following code to my Page directive and my receipt page works now! So just add this to your Page directive:


<%@ Page EnableViewStateMac="false" %>

I hope this helps someone else so they don't through what I went through. Certainly a more descriptive error message from Authorize.Net would have saved me hours of testing time to figure this out. This was NEVER a timeout problem so I was misled from the start...

gsleininger, God Bless You, and may your wildest dreams come true!!!!!!!!


Thanks very much!! Although I don't use ASP.NET  just took some "minor" translation. However, unless I translated from ASP.NET to C++ incorrectly it itsn't a timeout issue?

Sorry, but I added the directive you mentioned, and it made no difference at all.  Still getting the error.

This product is a joke. 


Can an employee provide some answers as to how to implement relay response in, preferably c#?  What a hassle!

Relay response is a good product and it works just perfectly fine and is in fact simple to implement. All relay response is doing is Authnet POSTing transaction data to your relay response script and then displaying the results your script output. (The POST data is the same as was is sent in Silent Post and can also be found in AIM guide).


If it isn't working for you then:


1) You didn't set the relay response in your control panel


2) You aren't using port 80 or 443


3) You have an error in your code which causes the page not to load properly


#3 is the most common cause of relay response issues. To test your relay response page submit a POST request just like relay response would send. See if an error message is generated. If you search the forums you can find a sample form to do this. You can also just put a simple page that says "hello world" and see if that works. If it doesn't then your issue lies elsewhere.

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Thanks gsleininger!

Page EnableViewStateMac="false"

Did the trick!


Same thing here.


We are using a live environment with the test flag on.


Out of 20 or so attempts at getting the AuthorizeNet system to send the response data back to our site,  exactly ZERO of them worked.


We get the same "An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card. blah blah blah" message that is being reported across this board.


We MUST be able to get the response data back after a transaction or our site wont work for our clients.


We have tried three methods:

1. Put the x_response_url into the code and not set it up in the actual merchant login area

2. DONT put the x_response_url into the code and DO set it up in the actual merchant login area

3. Put it in both places.


Nothing works.


My client just signed on to the AuthorizeNet service two days ago (due to my recommendation).


I give a 99.9% probability that this account will be cancelled and we'll go with a reputable company with tech support that 1.) knows what the hell they're doing and, 2.) actually RESPONDS to posted problems and emailed support questions.


Thus far I've had no response to anything at all.   FAIL company.


CIM doesn't work at all either.   What a joke.



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Have you try setting the relay response URL to the test dump site at


By the way, it is x_relay_url