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serious bug ? "reserved" amounts are not properly released after successfull "void"

This is what should be the expected behavior:

(found here )


So if a merchant's customer decides not to complete a transaction, or their browser session is interrupted and the transaction is never actually completed, etc., a merchant needs to issue a void so that the authorized amount that was  *reserved*  in the transaction is released. For customers using debit cards, gift cards, etc., this is especially important so that their available balance isn't reduced by a transaction that isn't actually going through.


If an unsettled transaction is voided the customer will never see it on their statement and it essentially will behave like it never happened. 


And this is my problem:

Several customers claimed that there were amounts "reserved" even after the "authorized" transaction was "successfully voided".

Also the "will never show up on the customers bill" is not 100% correct -- some customers had those reserved amounts showing up in their online banking interfaces, later they were removed again.


For some of those the "reserved" amounts were so high that they weren't able to use their cc anymore as they had reached the limits - a serious problem.


What happened here ?


If I remember it correct. Even with a successful void, the issuing bank(customer cc) may or may not release the hold in timely manner.



True - I got the same response from the Support.


Quite unfortunate. But nothing we can do about it than avoid unneccessary "authorizations" without "capture".