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webhooks delay



I’m trying my first ifttt applet using a webhooks delay. I’m just turning on a light after 5 minutes triggered by amazon assistant. I’ve coded the two applets and connected them with no issue. But although the first applet runs, the 2nd applet never receives the web request and never runs.

I’ve manually triggered the 2nd app by hitting the secret url manually. I’ve regenerated my ke just in case that was a problem.


I’ve let the other fields default. What am I doing wrong?


When I fire a notification (and receive message "Congratulations! You've fired the XXX event"), if I do nothing the notification will take long to be received. But if I click in the "check now" button of the applet, the notification is immediately received.

I have tried with my partner account and he receives the notifications any without delay! He has only two applets, shagle I have 12 with 9 different events. Are they too much omegle? Should it be an issue?