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Second Partial Authorization Release

Hey everyone,


The second part of the partial authorization release is available now and includes support for the Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) and Customer Information Manager (CIM).


  • VPOS - VPOS has been updated to support the new requirements, but is still dependent on processor support. See the table above for the expected support dates. To view an example of the merchant receipts with the new fields, please see

Additionally, if you are using the Daily Velocity Filter, available with all payment gateway accounts, or are using the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS) and are using the Hourly Velocity Filter, only the first transaction in a series of partial authorization transactions will be screened by the filter. All subsequent transactions in an order will not be counted toward your daily or hourly limit.


The FAQs at have been updated to reflect these changes.


So pretty much the last thing we're waiting on here to fully support the requirements is processor support, which is expected according to the table here





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