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seeking confirmation that Certified Solution Application was received and complete

Dear Sir/Madam:


I am posting here in hopes of confirming that our company's, Conformal Systems LLC, Certified Solution Application (CSA) was received and complete.


I have precisely followed the instructions and requirements listed on your site,


as documented below.


I submitted the following completed documents via email to on October 1st, 2010:


- Authorize.Net CNP 3.1 Testing Criteria Guide

- Authorize.Net Partner Agreement (signed)

- Company Privacy and Security Document that describes our policies as they relate to this particular piece of software


Shortly thereafter I had one of my employees complete the Online Application and submit it the same day.  After submission of the Online Application he received the following message from your site:


"Thank you for applying to the Authorize.Net Certified Solution Program. To confirm the receipt of your submission, we have sent this autoresponse to the contact and technical e-mail addresses provided in the application. Please allow 5-7 days for us to review your application."


Yesterday I followed up via email regarding the CSA with and since there is no method of contacting anyone over the phone about this process:


"Dear Sir/Madam:

I am following up to check on the status of the Certified Solution Application for our software, Emporium.

I would appreciate confirmation that the process is underway without any issues.  Please contact me if there are any questions you need answered as part of this process.



I have yet to receive a reply to either of the emails I sent October 1st or October 11th.  It is currently the beginning of the 7th full business day since submission of all the forms and I don't have any confirmation that our CSA is complete, etc.


I would appreciate it if you could provide any of the following:


- confirmation that our CSA is complete and an update on its progress

- more accurate lead-time on the CSA approval process in the case that it is indeed longer than your autoreply indicated

- phone number where I can speak to someone about our CSA and its progress


I look forward to your reply.





Hi Jake,


I've contacted our certification department, and they are checking on your application and will be in touch shortly.





Developer Community Manager

All Star



Thanks for getting this moving.