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Authorize.Net Certification Programs Pinned

Every day, Authorize.Net refers thousands of merchants looking for integration services and payment solutions to our Developer Directory and Certified Solution Directory to find qualified partners. Achieving Authorize.Net Certification provides insta...

URL of the reseller program application form

Hello.I talked with your company staff a few days ago on the phone, and company staff told me that I could type information such as EIN number and Account number of our bank and then applied the reseller program. Although I searched the URL of the ap...


Animated links

Do you folks offer something other than the button graphic for the affiliate link? I am looking to add something to my website simliar to the standard468X60 GIF banner Thanks 7Tooz


Security audit or certification?

Hello, We have a client that we've developed an application for that will be going live in a few weeks. They're using Authnet's CIM system for billing clients on a yearly basis. I've read about Authnet's certifications but I'm not sure what path is b...

Question from One of Your Certified Credit Card Processor

Hello, I belong to one of Authorize.Net's list of Certified Processor Connections. Because we are a direct processor (no ISO or middleman) we are able to keep our merchant's processing rates very competitive and attractive. We also have...

Seeking status on application for Certified Solution

Hello Michelle (and community members)! I am writing to inquire if there is any other way of following up on the status or timeline for a Certified Solution Application submitted on 6/25/2011. I have sent a couple of follow up emails to "certify@auth...

Third Party Processing

Hi there. I'm looking for some more information on's policies regarding third party processing. We are in the process of setting up a company that will be managing SaaS applications for locally-based non-profit organizations. They are v...

Verified Merchant Seal

I've tried to sign up for the Verified Merchant Seal but I get this error: The following error(s) occurred: Access Denied. What's going on?


If you become certified as a host do I get a badge?

I am a current merchant and we run a hsoting company. If you become certified do we get a badge? We are always looking for new ways to make the customer feel more confotable choosing us. Thanks!


Residual Deposits Solved

I'm a small time reseller with very little residual income from the gateway process. My residuals are deposited into a bank account set up specifically for this purpose. My problem is that my bank charges a $14.00 per month maintenance fee on the acc...


Affiliate Credit Question

Hello, We've found an upcoming ecommerce solution (packaged cart software hundreds of webmaster users) that needs an payment integration extension. We'd be interested in releasing this software for free if there was a way for us to get ...

Simple Checkout

Could you please explain how the Simple Checkout procedure figures into the affiliate program? I'm going to be doing a lot of work with small non-profit organizations for whom this would be a nice alternative to Paypal for managing dues payments, but...

Timeframe question

How long after a new client signs up using my affiliate url do I see this reflected in any of my affiliate reports? This is assuming the client has been approved and set up. Thanks!

Termination after 12 month

Hello, This sure sounds like a great deal to web designers! I'm just starting out with 1 client wanting e-commerce though. I wanted to make sure I understand the Affiliate Agreement correctly in that I get commission for only 12 months if I don't sig...

Per-Transaction Fee

Hi, We are looking for a solution to charge an extra fee by transaction to our clients. My question is : Can we charge more than 0.10$ the transaction ? It's possible to charge 0.30$ by transaction an receive 0.20$ of commission ? Thanks,Nicolas


Is available for Peru ?

I am a web developer, and take part of many websystems which need onlince payments solutions. Is available for Peru now ? I will appreciate your soon answer, thanks a lot. P.S.: Do you have also the restriction list of products/services...

Adjustable 'Setup Fee' per Affiliate Reseller ??

Has there been any talk about giving Affiliate Resellers the ability to adjust their 'Setup Fee'? For instance, I'd like to offer my clients the ability to have a "(free) $0.00 Setup Fee", and then have the charge of $99 - $30 come back to me, behind...


landing page

I saw you have a landing page offered to affiliates and here's my question on that. I would like to purchase a domain name that points directly to the affiliate link for the landing page application. Is this acceptable? If so, should I purchase the d...

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Authorize.Net Certification Programs Locked

Did you know you can integrate your merchant solutions to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and expand your business opportunities through our strategic partner programs? Authorize.Net has two different certification programs designed to help develop...

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Affiliate Reseller Program Details -- Check it Out!

Did you know that Authorize.Net offers a free and easy way for developers like you to earn additional revenues simply by referring your merchants to us? That's right—we can help you get more money every month! And did I mention that it’s free. How co...