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CyberSource REST API Recurring Payments or Installment Payments

CyberSource has the capability of doing Recurring Payments or Installment Payments, and there is detailed documentation on how to do this with the Simple Order API.

However, the REST API docs do not have an example of Recurring/Installment payments.

There is a recurringOptions object that has a firstRecurringPayment boolean. There is also an installmentInformation object, but the use of these things is unclear.

How do I use the REST API to initiate a Recurring Payment or Installment Payment?


With the advent of REST Library, the previous Subscription Services/Recurring Billing: (which includes

  • on-demand (used with token 'vaults' and 'saving of cc for future use')
  • recurring (setting a date/time for money to be 'charged', used with gyms, clubs, & monthy dues)
  • installment (setting a number of payments of a specified dollar amount until paid-in-full)

These tokenization part essentially was 'removed/pieced' away as Token Management Service (TMS) the removed subscription services that provide 'recurring billing'.

As you have discovered in the upgrade guide: shaglevoojio, there is plans to have a REST API library that includes subscription services or Recurring Billing that will make the former system more flexible. In the meantime, with REST, the "services" to create and track subscriptions is left to the merchant developer to track and maintain.