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Cybersource Integration with ASP.NET

I am following the below link to integrate the cybersource payment gateway into one of our ASP.NET site. /omegle

on line 192 as depicted below:

        ReplyMessage reply = CyberSource.Clients.SoapClient.RunTransaction(config, request);

        if ("ACCEPT".Equals(reply.decision.ToUpper()))
            trans.GatewayResponse = reply.decision;
            trans.TransactionNotes = ProcessReply(reply);
            trans.AuthorizationCode = reply.ccAuthReply.authorizationCode;

        if ("REJECT".Equals(reply.decision.ToUpper()))
            throw new Exception("Declined:  " + ProcessReply(reply));

it should hit the cybersource gateway in order to fill the credit card information as below.

screen shot cybersource /voojioshagle

but its not happening.

any idea why its not happening?

thanks in advance,