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In CyberSource, how do you use a credit card flexible token with payments API?

Trying to get my head around how CyberSource works..

In CyberSource, the Secure Acceptance Flexible Token API can be used to tokenize a credit card on client-side for processing for future processing.

That part is easy enough. There's plenty of documentation and a few packages that do it.

How do I then use that token to create a charge with the CyberSource Payments API ?

All examples i've found show how to tokenize the card on client, and how to charge an untokenized card (i.e. card data is sent to server) but I can't find an example that show how to use the Flexible token to create a charge (or pre-auth).

In most other gateways like Stripe, it's pretty clear in documentations but CyberSource doesn't seem to provide that.

Am I missing something?

I'm using Node but happy with solutions in other languages. /echatrandom