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third party reporting tools


I am looking for a third party application to report on transactions on an e-commerce site. We are looking to report on which product was purchased and the transaction amount. Each product on our site is owned by a different vendor and they would like to be able to track the history of consumer purchases of their product (as they earn money on each purchase). It would be ideal if they could have had their own login credentials that only provide them access to see their reports.

Our application uses as a payment gateway.


Hi Kelsey,


You should check out our Certified Solutions Directory at Here there are many certified solutions that use Authorize.Net that should be able to help you with what you're looking for. 





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Any merchants out there that has experience with a 3rd party reporting tool that can extract multiple sites data using one account? Any recommendation from the dev community? Thanks in advance


Hi PureCostumes..... in full disclosure I work at a company called SumAll ( Our tool enables people to monitor multiple Authorize.Net accounts in one chart. Not sure if this is quite what you are asking for, but hope that helps!