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(270) Line item 1 is invalid



I have hikashop installed on client's joomla website. It seems to me that SIM is not accepting product more than $99999.99. When i try to use product price $100000 or more than that it gives me "(270) Line item 2 is invalid.".

I am using SIM itemized order, though.


My items are as follows.


x_line_itemSPONSORSHIP_INFORMATION_3<|>Titanium Weaver Sponsor<|><|>1<|>50000<|>FALSE
x_line_itemSPONSORSHIP_INFORMATION_1<|>Palladium Weaver Sponsor<|><|>1<|>100000<|>FALSE


Please help me get through this as it keeps squeezing blood from me past three days.


Thanks in advance,

Ashutosh aka ROBOT


Why would you try to charge $100,000+ on a credit card? Credit card fees are often like 3%, that's $3000 you're losing. Have them mail you a check.


It's not me charging this. It is my client's website. and this money is for some sponsorship so that's why they are so high.


By the way, I just wanted to know that it there any limit of amount in account? Because i can not get transactions through more than $100,000?



The AIM documentation says x_amount is "up to 15 digits with a decimal point, no dollar symbol", so one would assume that means 12 digits for dollars, or a max of about a trillion. That's just on the field size, however - sits on top of a merchant account, and the merchant account may have limits of its own. And the SIM form could be artificially limited as well.


You could just switch to CIM with hosted CIM, and break up the charges into however many pieces are necessary.