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Automated Recurring Billing Integration

I just looked through all of the API fields in the AIM implementation guide and only see one related to recurring billing, x_recurring_billing, which turns on recurring billing.  I'm also going to need a field to cancel billing, offer a free month, and set a period of time to be billed.  Does the AIM API support these?


Our site is in ColdFusion and there aren't any ARB code samples here:


Does anyone have ColdFusion code samples for ARB w/AIM?


Does SIM support ARB?  If so, can it send subscription information in real time to our site so that we can register users?


AIM does not support ARB. The recurring billing flag is informative only - you'd use it if you're storing credit card data internally and you already charged the card once and know it's good. If you want recurring billing, you'll have to implement either AIM + ARB (ARM for the first charge and to verify the card is good, ARB for automatic successive charges), or CIM (you set up a billing profile for each person and have an automated script run on your end every so often to generate charges against the profile). Of the two methods, CIM is probably better, especially since you can integrate it with hosted CIM to avoid PCI requirements.


What's the quickest route to take for initiating recurring transactions that enable a relay response--we need the user to end up on our site so they can log in and play games.  We also need to store some user info in our database (custom fields) and be able to verify that recurring subscription payments are up to date each time they log in...  


We're open to the checkout happening on servers using DPM or SIM, but I'd like to avoid SOAP/XML in favor of HTTP posts.  Thanks!