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AIM API: Dictionary response with keys of Fields in the Payment Gateway?



I am using C# AIM and the purchase responses are a string delimited by vertical bars ("|").


Is there available a dictionary response with keys of Fields in the Payment Gateway?


See, page 40


Thank you




It will be too late to get the delimited char on a response.

But you could set it in the request x_delim_char, page 68


Thank you for your response, how I do not want to set the delimiting character


Currently I am spliting the response string by it delimiting character, then filling that split into a List<string>, and then filling item by item within List<string> into a Dictionary<string, string> where the Keys are the Fields in the Payment Gateway.


Instead,  is there available a Dictionary<string, string> response?

No, AIM only return the results and not the Fields name. So what you are doing would be it.