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AIM: how to do a refund for a bank account transaction ?



I'm currently integrating into a clients billing system using the AIM API.


Via AIM it is possible to either do a transaction via credit card or bank account.

Voiding a pending transaction is also possible for both payment types.


But refund is only possible if you have "the last 4 chars of the credit card number". - so how can I do a refund for transaction that was done via a bank account ?

Do I have to use the "unlinked credit" functionality ?


Many thx,





How do you "cancel" an order for which the transaction was already billed to a bank account (so it can't be "voided" anymore) ? How do you do that refund ?


If the transaction is already settled, you might have to use unlinked credit:


The payment gateway accepts Voids if the following conditions are met:
• The transaction is submitted with the valid transaction ID of an original, successfully authorized transaction.
The original transaction is not already settled, expired or errored.


Unlinked Credit
This transaction type is used to issue a refund for a transaction that was not originally submitted through the payment gateway. It also allows you to override restrictions for submitting refunds for payment gateway transactions, for example, if you are beyond the 120-day period for submitting a refund or you would like to refund an amount that is greater than the original transaction amount.
The ability to submit unlinked credits is not a standard payment gateway account feature. To request the Expanded Credits Capability (ECC) feature, you must submit an application. For more information about the ECC application, please see

You could also cheat and just mail them a check, if it's something that hardly ever happens.

Thx TJPride, but I read the manuals as well and also the "unlinked" credit has the problem, that you can't actually refund a bank account with it but only again a credit card - or do you know more on this than the sample codes and the manual reveal ?


And regarding the check via mail: the easier way is then still to use the merchant interface and do the bank account refund there manually (so has the basic capabilities to refund bank accounts - but it seems as if these functionalities are not exposed to via an API).


So any core developer out there that knows how to refund a bank account via the AIM API ? (a "it is not possible" is helpfull as well - at least i have a clear statement then for my customer)


Hi Andreas,


-          You can issue a refund to a bank account if the transaction is settled. All refunds or credits for eCheck.Net transactions must be submitted as Cash Concentration or Disbursement (CCD) requests for a business checking account, or Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entry (PPD) requests for a personal checking or savings account. If you do not currently have CCD or PPD enabled as an eCheck.Net transaction type, you will not have the option to refund a settled eCheck.Net transaction, regardless of the original transaction type. If you are using a production account you will need to email our eCheck Department to enable those types (PPD and CCD).


-          Other than the eCheck Type requirement, refunding a bank account is almost the same as refunding a credit card.  It is only required that you provide the original transaction ID, the last 4 digits of the bank account number, and an amount that is less than or equal to the original transaction. Unlike credit card refunds, the success of the eCheck refund requires that the balance of the refund can be covered by your eCheck reserve.  For more details, please see the eCheck guide and document.


-          Also please note that eCheck refunds cannot be tested in the sandbox environment because eCheck settlement is currently not simulated.





Administrator Administrator

Many thx - that should solve my issue.




Hi - attempting to build a billing system that will collect credit card payments and then disburse part of the collected payments back via ECheck to consumers.  My question is: is it possible to issue ACH transfer to a consumer's checking account when there is not related transaction id in which to refund against?  so we wish to issue a transfer to a consumer via echeck without having made a transaction to refund against.  any advice is appreciated.