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ARB Customer Cancelation

Hi there

I have a website I am creating that is a wordpress website, with a membership subscription service. The plugin that handles the membership offers Authorize.Net as a payment gateway.

The issue I have is that the site offers 12 week membership, but allows the customer access to the contents of the 12 week membership as soon as they signup (mostly PDF downalods) so I need a solution where the recurring billing extends the full 12 weeks without the option for the customer to cancel (they would have to contact the site to ask for cancelation). Currently the site is using PayPal which is no good as PayPal allows the customer to cancel their recurring payments at any time, so in the case of this site, they can sign up, access the contents of the 12 week membership on day one, and then cancel day 2 paying for 1 week rather than the full 12 weeks that the payment is broken up to.


SO my question is, will Authorize.Net's ARB NOT give the customer the opportunity to cancel at any time. The must pay the full terms and not be able to cancel payments.


Please help


Not sure about your membership plugin, but the way to cancel a ARB is with the ARBCancelSubscription method. I guess you have to look at the plugin and block the from happening.


Thank you for taking the time to reply


There no setting on the plugin for cancelation so from the plugin side, this does not seem to be an issue.


What i'd like confirmation on regarding Authorize.Net is the follow


  1. When checking out with Authorize.Net does the consumer need to create a Authorize.Net account
  2. Once they have checkout out with ARB, does the consumer have the ability to cancel the ARB themself (like PayPal) or would they have to contact the vendor and request the cancelation?

thanks again for your time.


1)No, not for ARB

2)They would have to contact the merchant, as to not work with the customer.



Sorry one more thing, if im using Authorize.Net just to sell a product then (not ARB) does the consumer need to create a Authorize.Net account on checkout?

For CIM, but they won't do it on directly, it have to be thru a merchant, as any API call required the merchant loginID, transactionKey, and you would not want your customer have access to that.