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ARB Recurring questions on failed credit cards

I am new on integrating on my application. I am doing an ARB integration on my application.


I have a scenario on my application which goes like this.

Every month I charged my client with $50. There are times when my client's credit card is kinda failing.



So here's my question:

Would the ARB automatically charges the client the day after they were charged.

So it's like if a user is due to be charged on May 15 and then it failed, would the user be charged automaticallly by on May 16, then if it fails again, would be be charged on May 17, so on and so forth... 


I just want some clarity on this matter. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks! :)


Hello jimgym1989,


ARB will not retry each day after a failed scheduled transaction, but instead will retry again the next month on the regularly scheduled payment date.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks for your answer! :)


If the user's payment failed, how would I make it inorder for the will try to charge the user by the next day? Should I changed the interval of the user by using ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest?



You could re-submit the API call, either programmatically or manually.