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Get subscription id of recurring transactions



Is there any API to get the subscription id of a recurring transaction?


I can see the subscription id in transaction details in merchaant interface but the getTransactionDetails doesnot return the subscription id for any recurring transaction.


So how to retrieve it?




Subscription id is not one of the fields save with the transaction detail. But you could add it to the invoice# when you create the ARB.


Is there any other API that would get me the subscription Ids. I want to create reporting based on the existing transactions for our users and need to group all the reccuring transactions.


Is there any other way? I searched the documentation and forums but couldnot find anything that could get me the subscription Id.

Best thing to do is include a customer ID with your subscriptions, then use that to index transactions as they come in (or later, when you use Transaction Details). I know it would be far more convenient to have an API where you could feed in a subscription ID and get back a list of transactions, but still hasn't gotten around to doing that.


Alternately, you could switch to CIM, which gives you more control.

Thanks for your response.


The subscription creation would be done by our clients so we cant include customer ids with the subscriptions.  I am creating a reporting solution wherein our clients would be able to get reports of their transactions by providing their login id and transaction key. For that I need to get subscription ids of the recurring transactions. Also the transaction details does not include the name of the product.


Is there any way or API that would give me the subscription id and product name given the transaction id / invoice id or any other information related to that transaction in the request.