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Android POS

I'm trying to design a POS on an Android Tablet, in an environement consisting


1) Card Swiper ( Connected to the Tablet)

2) Webserver ( For Interacting with Autorize.Net)


Scenario: Both the Merchant and the customer are at the same premises.


  • The merchant enters the amount due to the POS.
  • The user swipes his card, POS communicates the details to the webserver.
  • The webserver Interacts with the  to make the payment.
  • The webserver, acknowledges the result of the Transaction to the POS.
  • The receipt printed by the POS.


My question is:

1) Which SDK to be used on client side (Android Develoepment)?

2) Which SDK to be used for Webserver developement?


Note: I'm new to and Payment gateway.. 


Thank you in Advance.


If there were no swiper, it'd be simple - you'd just set it up like a regular web site and have the SDK be on the web server, with the language being whatever you're most comfortable with (in my case, PHP). With the swiper, I don't know - I'm not familiar with how that would tie into an application or web browser. You could, for instance, have an Android program that takes input from the swiper and communicates directly with, in which case you'd need the Android SDK and would probably be using the AIM API (assuming one-time transactions and not subscriptions).