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Batch are not getting Settled


I am not sure what happend but my batches are not getting automatically settled by starting 09/30/2014.


What do I need to do to get the batches settled? It's critical I get the batches settle so I can continue testing my integration with the Recurring Billing API




Hello @oscar87 


We are aware of reports that some sandbox accounts are not settling.


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Administrator Administrator

Batch settlement in the sandbox should now be working for everyone.  We're sorry for any inconvenience.


Please let us know if it's working for you.




I still do not see any batches been settled after 09/29/2014. Please Help

Hello @oscar87 


We are still investigating why some sandbox accounts are not settling.



Its critical for me to finish testing the Recurring Billing API integration so I can get my client ready for production.



The last successfully settled back in my sandbox account was September 30th.  We sent an email to Authorize.Net developer support, where they assured us the issue was resolved.


Please advise when batch payments would be settled in the sandbox environment.  It is imperative this issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

The settling has also stopped since the 29th of September on my account, which is impeding our QA.


I've notified support, but still waiting for these charges to be settled.

I am sorry but I still do not see the batches been settled. please let us know when it will be solved?? It has not worked since 09/29/2014 for me.


Not sure what I need to tell my client that cannot fix the issue.

Hello everyone,


We've found the cause and are now testing a solution for this problem.  I'll update the thread when we have more information.