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Hi Folks,

We have been using as the gateway of choice in our ecommerce tool for over 10 years.  We have a new clientthat needs things to be done a bit differently.  Instead of charging the card on "checkout" they want us to charge on shipping.  Thi is not a big deal using Auth vs. Capture.  We are figuring we will change the solution to simply "authoize" the card at check out and then within 72 hours they will ship the item.  Once the item ships they update our system which will transact against the token captured to actually take the funds.  The problem/quesions we are running into... we want to know if when an authorize happens is the money held? 


We have run tests on our exsisting live account by doing an authorize on one of our employees visa check cards for $1.00.  The authorize confirmed that 1) the card was valid and 2) at time of processing $1 could be taken.  But in logging into the employees checking account the $1 is NEVER held.  This is not ideal because in the situation with this client when they go to ship things 24-72 hours later if the money (say $150) is not there they have wasted a lot of time, money and possibly shipped things to someone. 


Does anyone know if there is something we are missing to have it "hold" on the card?  We do know that if when we get to processing against the token the credit card has insufficent funds it will error and all of that is built in but we need to ideally stop the process before we get there.  In a way what we need to do is:









Hi Jordan,


When you run a transaction as "authorize only" the card information is verified right away upon the submission of the transaction but it always depend on the credit card issuing bank if they will show the authorized funds being held on the customer's statements, if it is not showing on the customer's end that doesn't mean that the authorization is invalid. Capturing the authorization at the time of shipping is a normal business practice so what you are trying to do here is totally acceptable.



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