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CCV not being processed

We’re having an issue (both on sandbox and on live) where it looks like the CCV (card code) isn’t being processed, even though it looks like we’re passing it in correctly when using createCustomerProfileRequest to capture a prior authorization.  When we look at the transactions in our account, the Card Code Status is always “Not Processed”.  In our sandbox account, I’ve set our settings to decline transactions if CCV is not processed, and all transactions are declined. (Note: I understand the card code won't be stored, but we want them to be processed [invalid codes being passed in are being authorized])


Based on the docs, it looks like we’re passing it in correctly (I’ve tried using various validationMode values (liveMode, testMode, and none) with no change).


Is there something else we’re missing? I’m including a sample (redacted) XML payload below:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<createCustomerProfileRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">
                <address>16015 Main St</address>





If you are sending validationMode= testMode, then the card code is not processed. It will be processed in liveMode when it is sent to the processor for validation along with the rest of the transaction information.

Administrator Administrator

I tried liveMode, as well, but it was still within the sandbox (so, I'm not sure if that works in the sandbox).  We have clients in production where we're sending liveMode, and they're not being processed (which is what started me down this road). Invalid cardCodes are being let through.



Any further info on this?  I'm hitting the same issue, both when validating a customer profile or charging a stored profile. In both cases, it's showing as Not Processed even though provided.


I'm also getting a schema error when using the live API console to pass codeCode to validate customer payment profile, which is weird because it's clearly there in the schema.

I haven't gotten anywhere with this.  We've opened up a support ticket with, so hopefully that will help.


OK.  Please post any updates if/when there are some. Will do likewise if I make any headway.