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I'm building an application I'll be hosting on my own server (integrated with wordpress) to interface with the CIM API. 

It looks like this is the pricing page:

$99 setup, $20/mo for CIM API (under optional value adding products) + transaction fees. Towards the top is stays $20/mo gateway fee*, but the astrix says suggested retail price.  Who's charging that?  Is it required?  

Do I need to go through a reseller and is that affecting things?

The transaction fees also have astrexes by them as suggested costs ($0.10 transaction fee, and $0.25 for batch fee).  How does that play in?


However, this e-commerce API page makes everything seem like it's free: (it doesn't list CIM though).  Does that means it's free to use the API, but still charges for the gateway above?


Bottom line: If I'm building and hosting my own application that uses the CIM API, I'm assuming I'll have to pay a $99 setup fee to connect my application, and $20/mo for the CIM (optional value adding products) and transaction fees $0.10 per transaction, right? 


Thanks a ton for your help!


The prices listed are what you get if you sign up for through Cybersource, the parent company that happens to also offer merchant services. There are a number of resellers which charge a good deal less on setup / monthly, if you want to spend the time going price shopping. If you go with Cybersource or someone charging comparable fees, it will be $40/month if you include CIM, $0.10 per transaction, and $0.25 per daily batch (the batch process is when the money actually gets put into your bank account). The daily batch fee doesn't apply if there is nothing to clear. I honestly don't remember if the transaction / batch fees are additional to the gateway fee, or are included up to the first $20.


Assuming you have 200 customers being charged once per month, and something is charged on every day:


$20 + $20 + 200 * $0.10 + 30 * $0.25 = $67.5 / 200 = $0.34 per transaction

Credit card fees and the cost of your merchant account would be additional. Basically, this is not cost-effective for very low volume, but high volume is very little different from any of the other gateways. And in my opinion, the documentation for Paypal is about as clear as mud. I might use them if I could figure out how the heck to integrate fully.


Awesome, thanks for the help!


So I do need a reseller, right?  Which from this page looks like there's a limited amount (approx 20), and they're all banks or similar financial businesses:


But if I need CIM, and have to get a reseller, I'd be paying a minimum of... $99 setup and $20/mo, right?  Then whatever the reseller charges on top, right?


Thanks a ton for your help!