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CIM information transfer from one platform to another.



I am trying to solve this issue for a quite long time. We are using Magneto (PHP) shopping cart and store all recurring customers on the CIM application. 

We are switching into Infuisonsoft CRM very soon and will need to have those customers transferred as well.

After checking for a long time, I have realized that the full c.c numbers can't be revile and exported from the CIM because of the PCI compliance.


My question is: with the right API script , can we keep using the CIM for the existing customers after transferring them into  Infusionsoft? (like placing the existing customers in a kind of a vault in Infusionsoft - and only them will be using the CIM for the recurring payment, while all new customers will be using the Infusionsoft recurring payment module.


Please advise,


Thanks a lot.




You could theoretically have a CIM charging page set up on your site, then store the CIM profile ID's in Infusionsoft and generate a link to your charging page, passing the CIM profile ID as an argument. Or just have the CIM profile ID display and then copy and paste to the charging page.