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CIM recurring subscription for paid service

I am trying to understand the requirements for recurring payments using CIM. My site will not be able to have PCI compliance unfortunately, but that is the primary reason why I am looking into CIM.


I dont really understand the workflow/data transfer process, primarily because the documentation for CIM is honestly very short and needs some work.


At the moment, my understanding is this:


  1. User requests MY SITE check-out page for the digital subscription
  2. MY SITE calls the XML services from the backend, for createCustomerProfileRequest (if required) and getHostedProfilePageRequest.
  3. MY SITE renders a HTML page that contains either an embedded iFrame or a re-direct link to Authorize.NET
  4. Once the iFrame or page loads, the user does SOMETHING which I am not yet familiar with (this is mainly where I need help since there is no real doco on what it looks like or anything)
  5. Once the user purchases or validates the purchase via the forms, then updates MY SITE on the outcome via the iFrameCommunicator OR other method (I assume HTTP POST response??)
  6. Then I can action the outcome in my personal backend CRM/ERP systems.


Is this roughly correct?

How do I customise the look/feel on the pages (including product details, CSS, etc... Is this similar to SIM)?

How does the redirect method notify me of the result of the transaction?

Is there any documentation on the UI of the hosted frame or CIM pages?


Thanks a lot for any help you can provide!

- Mark


Hi Mark,


This is roughly correct, but a key thing to understand is that the iFrame used for our CIM service actually is not used for processing payments. The hosted forms themselves are used only for collecting customer payment data. Once the customer has completed the hosted form, you can update your own list of payment options buy running a getcustomerProfileRequest using the same customer ID that you used to open the hosted form.


The actual credit card payment would then be processed using the customer profile ID and new payment profile ID inside of a separate createTransactionRequest.

Administrator Administrator

Hi Tervor,


Thanks for the reply, I and beginning to understand now.


So once the iFrame is presented, is there a way for me to know that the customer has successfully entered their CC data and that it has somehow been validated?


I can also see that there is a recurringBilling flag in the createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest, does that mean that it will be setup as a recurring billing payment automatically?

sorry for the bump, but does anyone have any ideas on this?