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CIM return complete response

I am trying to return a complete response from a method and am having issues doing so.

For example I would like to call a method that gets the Customer Profile and returns the whole

"getCustomerProfileResponse".  I get part of it but i cant get the masked CC info.etc. Any pointers for me??  Thanks in advance!!  Not thinking today.   This is in C#. .NET


Not sure what you're asking? Do you want the part of the credit card that is masked, or are you saying that you're not getting anything, not even the last four digits? If the former, it's impossible to retrieve credit card information once it's been put in. If the latter, something is obviously broken, because getCustomerProfileResponse is supposed to return a masked card number.


That is why I am lost.  The paymentprofile is availble in the method.  And the method appears to return the response but the payment profile is not available from where I called the method.  It gives me messages and ProfilId but not paymentprofile info.  Hope that makes sense.  Thanks for responding.

Can you post your code and what you get as output (raw XML or a printout of the data)?

Well, I am not sure why but it is working now. Dont know if I had something hosed or mabye the intlelisense was whacked. Since VS did argue with me abou the object types it just wasn't  giving me all of the properties.  At least I finally made some forward progress.  Thanks