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COF (card of file) doubts - is our business categorized as Recurring for MITs?



The company I’m working for has been using as its payment gateway for around 8-9 years.

We have some internal calls to the API to create and manage Customer Profiles, Payment Profiles, and to make transactions. Some weeks ago we got an email that says we may need to meet certain requirements regarding COF (Card on File).


We use CIM to manage all payment profiles but internally we do have some scripts that runs on our server that makes call to charge our customers once a month. This is categorized as MIT (Merchant Initiated Transaction)  


I’m not enough clear on MITs as they can be split into: “Recurring Payments” and “Unscheduled COF Payments” but mostly recurring payments are ARB, or is any process that’s carried out every X time (every month per say) ?, so are our business scripts categoried as “Recurring” even when we don’t use ARB but CIM?


Also, the documentation here says that the originalNetworkTransID  doesn’t need to be send (not required) if we do use Payment profiles (which for me is CIM), is that assumption correct?


Thanks in advance,
Luis Landero



Hello @llandero,


Using Customer profiles the network transaction ID from the first transaction submitted for the payment profile is automatically sent.


CIM is for flexible recurring payments: the payments can be on different dates and for different amounts each time.


Just be sure that your scripts are sending all COF fields with your customer profile transaction request. The exception is for originalNetworkTransId and originalAuthAmount, which is stored with the customer payment profile and passed to the processor by default. 

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Hi @llandero,

Utilizing Customer profiles the organization exchange ID from the main exchange submitted for the installment profile is naturally sent.

CIM is for adaptable repeating installments: the installments can be on various dates and for various sums each time.

Simply be certain that your contents are sending all COF fields with your client profile exchange demand. The exemption is for originalNetworkTransId and originalAuthAmount, which is put away with the client installment profile and passed to the processor as a matter of course.


Thanks for answering. What about the MIT type? could it be categorized as "Recurring" even when we aren't using ARB but CIM via an internal script to charge users monthly?