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Can someone explain the future of .NET Framework vs. Core?

I understand that the focus is on the cross platform capabilities of Core. Conceptually that makes plenty of sense to me. The whole point all along was for JIT to be cross platform, and I have no qualms with that. I just don't understand (yet) what the plans are to get Framework functionality into Core. Is Core anywhere close to being able to replicate the functionality of Framework?

Is the point for Xamarin to replace WPF? I don't know much about Xamarin. I'll learn it if that's the case but I haven't seen a clear answer. Presumably WinForms goes out the window? (Fine, but it's convenient when you need a very simple form. WPF has a well deserved reputation of "It makes the easy things hard and the hard things easy." Doing "easy" forms with WinForms made life better). Is there support for the Office COM Interops on Core, and, if not, is there a plan for them to do so?

That last point is crucial for me. A vast majority of the code I write in my job requires use of the Office COM interop. I'm worried I will get stuck in the VBA Never Never Land where Microsoft sort of supports a language but not really.