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Can we change ARB Subscription Amount

Hi All,


Is it possible to change the subscription amount when the account is running, if we have credit card information?


My scenario is based on the customer purchases in the current month, I need to decrease the subscription amount in the next month.


Please let me if this is possible or not.


Appreciate your help.


Yes, you can change the amount. Something like this, perhaps:


$authorize = new AuthorizeNetARB(
    $GLOBALS['_authorize_id'], $GLOBALS['_authorize_key']);

$subscription = new AuthorizeNet_Subscription;

$subscription->amount = $_POST['price'];

$result = $authorize->updateSubscription($userdata['subscription_id'], $subscription);

if ($result->xml->messages->resultCode != 'Ok')
    $errors[] = "Recurring billing could not be updated - {$result->xml->messages->message->text}";



lets say the user updates his plan $10/month  on 28th day to $8/month then he would be charged $8 for that month.which means he used   $10/month plan for the whole month and paid  $8 for that month. coz when i tried to update the amount the amount to be charged was  directly changed

from $10 to $8.thats how the user can fool around using a greater plan and changing the amount at the last moment.
this shows that changing the amount in ARB is not a good idea.
Please reply if i am wrong or i have misunderstood ARB.

Yes, when you change the ARB amount, you change the next schedule charge amount.

You would need to do your own coding to figure out if you need to do a one time charge to charge the different.

Hi TJ,


I was having a very similar type of scenario, where we need to change the amount either increase or decrease (On Demand) for the next billing Cycle.


This is a enquiry we received from one of our prospect.

So, just want ot check that the function written out in your post does that work till date as it has been long time you posted it. Because some other post says that this is not possible to change the ARB subscription Amount.


Because a commitment comes into question when we say yes to a prospect,

Hope you understand the situation and the urgency.

So, look forward to hear from you at the earliest.




Hello @Sourav12_34


I did some research and found that you CAN update the amount to charge for a subscription using ARBUpdateSubscription but you cannot change the schedule.



Hi Richard!


That sounds great.


Good to hear that, but tell me one thing.

Actually here the propsect says he wants to collect a Amount in Monthly Installments, if they pay it soon(meaning more than the scheduled amount to be deducted) than the total no of installments then the future installments becomes irrelevant.


Or if they pay less by any chance than the scheduled Amount then the total no of installments increases accordingly to adjust/complete the balance amount to be paid.


Hope I could understand the real pain point in the customer Use Case.


Can you please help me out here asap?




Hi Richard,


Are you facing any problem understanding the use case.

Or my exact objective.




@Sourav12_34  If I understand correctly, you are describing something like a loan where there are monthly payments scheduled to pay the total amount back.


While it is possible setup regular payments, your requirements are more complex than directly supported  by ARB and you would need to adapt your software to work around the issue of extra or lower payments.



Sorry to jump into the middle of this, but I didn't think it needed a new thread. 


When changing the amount are the card number, etc required?


The use case is the changing of the amount due to sales tax. Specifically, we recently were required to start collecting sales tax for Florida. We have an existing subscription in Florida, so that amount needs to be adjusted. I'm sure this is just the first such occurance.