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Chained Payments



I basically want to take a payment for a digital good from a buyer, take a commission and pay the seller of the digital good.


Whats the best way of implementing this leveraging Authorize.Net ?

Does support the concept of chained payments similar to Paypal's adaptive accounts API ?






No they don't. 


Basically you would either have to charge the customer twice to split the payment (bad idea) or have one party be responsible for paying the toher (which falls outside the scope of Authnet's services).

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I built a simple Chained Payments module that requires no programming. Just enter basic info, generate a button/link, customize as needed, get approved by Paypal, and start using it. No custom programming required:

You'd set up a single merchant account through which all charges run, handle any processing issues, then send sellers periodic payments or payments on request. Not too hard to do if they don't mind taking checks or Paypal payments or whatnot, there's sufficient volume to make it worthwhile, and a low percentage of fraud (since if you hand over the money and then the customer reports the charge as fraud, you're stuck holding the bag).


The key weakness here is of course money delivery. is fine for collecting money automatically, not so good for paying it out automatically.