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Client with multiple bank accounts

Question from a non-developer:


I work for a web development company and we are building 30+ micro-sites for a client.

- The micro-sites are regional and each will have a shopping cart.

- Payment processing needs to be set up so that payments made on a locations site uniquely hit that locations bank account 


Example: Payments made on the British site need to flow to the British bank account. Payments made on the Vail, CO site need to hit the Vail, CO account. Texas to the Texas account, and so on.

Is this possible?

Will the client need a separate API Log-in ID and Transaction Key for each location/bank account?

Would each separate site need its own SSL?




Each Authorize.Net account is associated with one merchant account. That means the money from each transaction will go into the one bank account associated with that merchant account. There is no way to have it go into any other bank account. If you want the money to go into another bank account you will have to have the money go into another Authorize.Net account for that merchant account associated with that bank account. You could accomplish this by having your users choose which  location they which to make payment for with a drop down and then you can then change the API login and password on the backend at the backend based on the selected value.


You wouldn't need need a new SSL certificate as the SSL certificate is associated with a domain name and not a merchant account or Authorize.Net account.

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