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ColdFusion and Direct Post Method ( DPM )



I'm new to, I just started looking at the website and documentation a few hours ago. Overall, it is very well structured.


I'm developing using ColdFusion and I'd like to use the Direct Post Method ( DPM ). There is nothing in the documentation regarding ColdFusion and nothing in the samples regarding DPM. Has anyone done DPM using ColdFusion?


In the case that there are no samples, how similar would DPM be to the AIM code sample? Would AIM be a good starting point?


Thanks for your help.



It seems that the DPM method always starts with installing the Authorize.Net SDK, either for Java, PHP, Ruby, or .NET. There doesn't seem to be an SDK for ColdFusion.


Can I implement DPM without an Authorize.Net ColdFusion SDK?




Of course. You can use any programming language you want.

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I could be wrong but I think the underlying methodology for you is very simple -


1) you need to generate an HTML page containing all the sale information, that will post to rather than back to your own server


2) you need to develop a page that will be hit by's server where it posts all the variables related to the transaction. This page is the what will update your system on the status of a sale etc etc. It is specific to your system to really, Im not sure how much help an example would give you beyond the architecture already shown here :


3) You need to generate an html page to display the finish transaction. Everything is pretty much power by http_post variables and session variables on your side.


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Hi Oliver,


We, too, are looking to integrate the Direct Post Method ( DPM ) with ColdFusion.  Like you, I see that there still isn't any sample code for DPM and ColdFusion available.  Were you able to get this working?  Do you have any tips, advice or (ideally) sample code you can share?  (We currently have AIM implemented.)


Thanks in advance for any help!