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E00114 Invalid OTS Token while creating subscription with payment nonce using accept js

I am building an application using accept js and C# SDK of here, i am using accept js token to make a credit card payment over and able to create transaction and customer profile successfully. but when i tried to create a subscription with customer profile id and payment profile id, i got "E00040 Record Not Found" error response.


I also tried to create subscription with another token after creating transaction but getting "E00114 Invalid OTS Token" error response.


What would cause to return an these errors?


Looking forward for your quick response.


Hello @vipinK6Chetu


Are you getting these errors in the sandbox or production?


For the E00040 error, are you attempting these API calls in rapid succession?  For performance reasons, creating transactions or customer profiles are done in realtime, but follow-up transactions like creating a subscriptions from a customer profile need a few seconds for data to replicate between systems.  In the sandbox this should only be a few seconds, or slightly longer.


An Accept token can only be used one and will return E00114 if you attempt to use it more than once.



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