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Eclipse import Auth Net Jar files

I have just begun writing Andoid apps.  In Visual Studio I imported the exe file from the SDK.  Do you simply copy the jar files into the /libs directory or do you have to add the package?  Seems like it would be simple,  but more than just copying the jar files.


It's not entirely clear what you are asking, but you should only have to add the anet-java-sdk-1.8.6-SNAPSHOT.jar (or whatever jar name you have built from the java sdk) to your project, plus any dependencies.   I was adding this jar to a mature project, and I didn't need to add any additional dependences.  However I do not know if there were dependencies or if I already had them installed for other reasons.


Ultimately, your .classpath file will end up with a line something like this one in it:


    <classpathentry kind="lib" path="WEB-INF/lib/anet-java-sdk-1.8.6-SNAPSHOT.jar" />