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HELP! Server hard drive crash, lost credit card numbers. Need to implement rebill, but how?

We're currently using the AIM method to submit monthly transactions for our members, but we are not using ARB (Automated Recurring Billing).  We store the credit card information and submit a new transaction each time we need to bill a member.


Problem: with a recent server crash, all of our members' credit card numbers are gone and could not be retrieved from any backups. customer service explained we can use Rebill to take a customer's recent transaction and authorize/capture that card again for a new amount.  BUT-- this is done manually when logged in to


How can I use the rebill feature via API WITHOUT needing to ask our customers to re-enter credit card info again?


Easy, you CAN'T. And I didn't find any rebill feature on the merchant account.


Sorry, but when logged into the merchant account, you CAN rebill settled transactions that are less than 3 months old.  Customer Service walked me through the steps of doing this via virtual terminal.  It doesn't require knowing the credit card number because it will use the same card as the previous transaction.


I'd like to know how to do this via some API.

can you tell us where? All I see is refund and create ARB.


And to answer you post to the 3 other thread, you can't create a CIM profile unless you have the FULL CC#.