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Hide/Disable cancel button in accept hosted form

Hi Team,

Is there anyway by which I can hide 'Cancel' button in the accept hosted payment form.


I have accepcted hosted form into iFame and embed that iFrame into my page itself on page load event(So, use can feel that its a part of our website only).


Now the page in which iFrame is resides, has a previous button, and due to which 'Cancel' button of accept hoted doent meaning a lot. Due to which I want to hide Cancel button.


Thanks  in advance,

Ravi Parmar

Regular Contributor

Hi @raviparmarce88,


Unfortunately, there's no current way to do what you describe, but I can definitely see the usefulness in such a scenario.


I'd encourage you to post this onto our Ideas Forum where others can take a look, contribute feedback, and vote for new features.

All Star

Do we have any solution as of 2021 to hide the cancel button?