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How do I add a service fee

I am new to this and need a way to add a 3% service fee to the amount the person puts in the charge.

How can i do this?

thanks in advance for any help!


Since you pass the total amount to, you will need to add your sevice fee and get your total first before sending it to


I am using the simple cart option and there no place to add this fee.

It is all done from

DO I need a developer to write this?

Couldn't you add the fee to the simple checkout item? or not, then yes you need a developer

no there is not way to do that.

I guess i need to hire someone

you can add it to the total.

and how do i do that?

Hello Applehill


If you are using simple checkout and need to charge a service fee, you will need to add the service fee to the total price configured for the item: total price = price + service fee.  It is not possible to add a service fee onto an item using simple checkout.


You might consider discussing your needs with one of our Certified Developers or browse through our Certified Solution Directory for a pre-integrated solution that fits your needs.