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How to Include Address on Accept.js Hosted Form?

By Accept.js Hosted Form, I'm referring to the one described in:


We use the Hosted Form version in order to conform to PCI-DSS SAQ A compliance. Currently such form accepts the following fields:


  • Card Number
  • Exp. Date
  • Card Code
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Zip


Our customers have requested for Address to be included in order to reduce fraud. Is there a way to customize the Hosted Form to accept other Address fields in addition to Zip Code? If so how do we go about doing that?


Hi Anurag,


I've followed your advice not to pass `billTo` and the AVS worked for our "one-time payment" workflow in a sandbox environemnt using a zip code of 46201 (which denotes "Address: Match, ZIP Code: No Match". The underlying request was `authCaptureTransaction`.


However, the same approach didn't work for our "pay and keep card on file" workflow in a sandbox environment using the same zip code as mentioned above. The underlying requests were  `createCustomerProfile` followed by `createCustomerProfileTransaction`.


For the 2 workflows mentioned above, prior to using Accept.js UI, the AVS worked with our previous payment information form with the passing of  "street address" and "zip code" to `billTo`.


Could you please advise how to get the AVS works for `createCustomerProfile` in a sandbox environment and also live environemnt?






I can't get this to work either.  Does anyone from have a response to this open issue?

Did anyone get a resolution to this issue. I am facing the same here.