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How to check account balance from bank account

I need to display account balance from the Employeer bank account in the payment processing page. I am using PHP. Can anybody provide me some sample code, how I can access balance amount?


Is there will be any charge to pull the account balance?


Also I need to post the payment to the employee acount once the pay slip is created.  I also neecd some sample code for this.


Thanks in advance.


Are you at the right site? this is for payments(credit card) process not payroll service.


I'm afraid is for collecting money from multiple credit cards, checks, bank accounts to a single bank account. It's not for transferring money from a single bank account to multiple bank accounts. You need to talk to your local bank and ask them what options you have for direct deposit.




Does it support bill payment options to multiple account from one account like bank? In that case it can also pay to the muliple accounts

The closed you can get to that is unlinked credit, which is refunds unrelated to existing transactions. It works like money transfers, but it's not supposed to be used for that. Has to be requested specifically, and I imagine they'd suspend your account if you started misusing it.


Again, you need to talk to your bank about direct depost and ACH. They can probably supply or suggest something.